I am a practising registered Dietitian with more than 20 years experience in the role. I graduated from Queen Margaret University in 1989 and did my PG training in Manchester.

I am a skilled weight management dietitian (counterweight trained – internationally validated weight loss course), helping people lose up to 43kg in weight in a year.

I worked for the world renowned Diabetes Remission research team in Newcastle and was an App Coach for Oviva to put type 2 diabetes in remission with weight loss.

Prior to this genetics was my area of expertise and I was the only mitochondrial disease dietitian in the UK appearing on TV and radio to help patients with the gut problems associated with this condition and became an expert in the gut microbiome (published research presented at American Dietetic Association Conference, Texas).

My early training was in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where I was the liver disease and transplant dietitian and I helped people regain lost weight and manage their symptoms. I published research and presented this at the Dietitians conference.

I trained in Loughborough University as a Sports Dietitian in 1999 and have been practising ever since helping triathletes, road, track, mountain bike (cross country and downhill), duathletes and athletics sportsmen and women achieve their desired body fat levels and excel in sport with optimal nutrition as part of the Scottish and English Institute of Sport.

Alongside sports nutrition (Teesactive and English Institute of Sport) I worked in Teesside as a gastroenterology dietitian producing guidance on IBS, IBD and other gut conditions including before and after surgery.

As a dietetic manager in a renal unit (Canterbury) and then dietetic manager in an adult gastroenterology service at (St Georges Hospital, London) I helped people with kidney disease and transplant and IBS, IBD, coeliac disease, liver conditions before a move into remote dietetics working with children with learning disabilities and allergies, before a move to the Isle of Man to work at Nobles Hospital.

I am a member of the BDA and HCPC accredited practising dietitian.