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Whether young or older, sporty or not, Ruth Cooil Physiotherapy will help clients reach their full potential by providing excellent evidence based care.

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Why choose Ruth Cooil?

Ruth Cooil Physiotherapy should be your first stop on the way to recovery. Ruth has 25 years of physiotherapy experience working in both a hospital setting and in the world of sport (just take a look at her bio!).

You will always get an honest opinion from Ruth and the team. They will always strive to deliver the best possible care. Ruth and the team have a holistic approach which ensures they get excellent results.

No problem is too small or too complex, so don’t waste any more time – give her a call!

If you need more persuading, just take a look at her testimonials!

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

I have always trusted Ruth with my career and more. She is an exceptional physio, carer and friend, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone- young or old, beginner or elite sportsperson.
Tim Kneale
Ruth has many years’ experience with patients with a wide variety of disabilities through the NHS. Ruth is an extremely competent and experienced physio who clearly enjoys using her professional skills.
Stan Kewley
Ruth is a valued member of Gena’s Dance Academy by providing a top quality physiotherapy service for our young dancers. We highly appreciate all of her hard work and dedication towards our dancers.
Gena's Dance Academy