Client testimonials

It is lovely to hear from patients who have had an excellent experience using Ruth Cooil Physiotherapy. Ruth is always striving to improve the service she offers. So, if you have any suggestions, please email Ruth or give her a call. 

Here are a few of her patients comments:

Ruth Cooil and Time Kneale at the Commonwealth games.
Tim Kneale
Sam Brand recommends Ruth Cooil physio
Sam Brand
Stan Kewley
Ollie Lockley is an IOM athlete that would recommend physio from Ruth Cooil
Ollie Lockley
Marathon Runner
Erika Kelly recommends physio from Ruth Cooil
Erika Kelly
Race Walker
Heather Keggin
Catherine Reid Regularly uses Ruth Cooil's Services
Catherine Reid
400m Runner
Jo Colquitt
Gena's Dance Academy uses Ruth Cooil's physio services for their dance shows on the IOM.
Gena's Dance Academy
Charlotte Atkinson has used Ruth's services for the last 9 years
Charlotte Atkinson
Lily Yates