Catherine Reid

Catherine Reid Regularly uses Ruth Cooil's Services

I have been working closely with Ruth for the past 6 years, and never in my life have I met anyone more caring, dedicated and passionate about their job and clients than Ruth. She has a genuine care and kindness that is so hard to find with other physiotherapists. She has this innate quality that makes her so trustworthy and easy to confide in, which is great as injuries can often be such a difficult and timely matter, so it helps to have someone who makes the rehab process so much more enjoyable.

I am only 22, but I have had more than my fair share of injuries, and Ruth has never hesitated to jump to my aid every time I’ve needed her. From general niggles and pains, to torn muscles, to rehabbing me back from major knee surgery when I was 20, I have always trusted Ruth with my career and more. She is an exceptional physio, carer and friend, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone- young or old, beginner or elite sportsperson, Ruth treats everyone like a priority.