Here is a list of the services we currently provide:
  • Sports nutrition for competitions
  • Bulking up for sport
  • Weight loss for sport
  • Recovery for sport
  • Weight management- losing weight for an event (up to 6weeks away)
  • Diabetes type 2 weight loss for remission
  • Long term weight loss for health
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Low fodmap for IBS
  • Gastroenterology conditions eg diverticulitis
  • crohns disease, coeliac disease, pancreatic conditions, liver disease
  • Gut microbiome and SIBO
  • Diet and cancer
  • Healthy heart diet following heart attack/stroke or prevention
  • Healthy vegan diet
  • Healthy diet for kids
  • Body composition assessment (fat measurement) and tailored plan to change body fat for sport